Stump Grinding and Removal

KV Tree felling utilizes the latest in stump grinding technology with our Vermeer SC252 which is narrow enough to fit through almost anywhere and reach stumps in hard to reach spaces.

Instead of digging out the stump and dumping it in a landfill site, why not have it stump grinded and turn it into wood chips that can either be used as mulch or turned into compost for your garden.

Our lightweight machine is ideal for use on golf courses and around sports fields where minimal damage to the surrounding area is essential.

Our experienced team will grind the stump down to the correct depth and will also remove as much of the root systems as is needed, to leave the earth ready to be replanted or built on.

We can offer very realistic pricing and a speedy job turn around on Stump Grinding & Stump Removal.

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Grinding of stump
Grinding of very large bluegum stump